Permission To Do You

What if we learned to put ourselves first?

SHE Before we is on a mission to advocate for the intentional practice of self-care among MODERN mothers OF COLOR, and to provide a digital space to connect and share while doing so.

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You don't need permission to do you. You just have to start.

Motherhood is a life changer. It's almost too Easy to lose sight of Ourselves when our priorities shift to our children, parnters and Family life.

But we know practicing self-care is important to our health and well being. I am a self-care and wellness advocate who aims to provide a growth and accountability space for modern moms who, like many of us, may have lost our connection to self along the glorious, life-changing, and challenging path of motherhood. Every day, we can decide to center and prioritize ourselves. Let's learn from each other and stay the course together.



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