Hi there!


I'm Leslie.

After 10 years of working in the health care sector, and many more years spent as a knowledge-seeker and life longer learner, I know that self-care is the most important form of health care there is. I am a passionate health and wellness advocate who believes that the best way to work towards becoming the best version of ourselves is through intentionality and community.

I haven't always been intentional in my self-care practice. A former version of myself thought that getting a pedicure and booking the occasional massage would do the trick. But self-care isn't just about pampering yourself (although sometimes it is!), and it's more than a buzz-word. It is about pouring into yourself and feeding your soul - and doing so with such consistency that caring for yourself first becomes a way of life.

As both a woman and mother of color, I know it’s especially important to be in tune with what makes us come alive as we navigate the world around us. In a society that is too often inequitable and unjust, where we have traditionally been deemed as "caregivers" who come last, I hope to shift the narrative around what caring for ourselves as mothers in our communities can look like while providing motivation stay the course. It is not sustainable to be everything to everyone else while giving nothing to ourselves. 

While our motherhood stories, personal experiences, wellness goals and self-care journy’s are as varied and diverse as we are, a consistent truth should remain: SHE has to come before WE. 

I am a wife to an amazing husband who encourages this truth, and together we have two young sons whom we absolutely adore. Having a glass of wine while enjoying a good meal is undoubtedly one of my favorite past times (although I must admit I'm rarely the chef…I’m working on that). As a third culture kid who grew up all over the world, I am a global citizen who considers home to be wherever my family is. For now, that’s the greater Cleveland area. I am also a wanderer looking forward to new adventures, as extroverted as they come, and a morning meditator.

When I’m not at work, you can find me chasing after my kids, doing yoga, journaling from the comfort of my bed, or listening to a podcast/audio book.

I am a proud graduate of Howard University (#TheMecca!), where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences. I earned my Master of Science degree in Health Policy and Management from The New School in New York City. I currently work in Cleveland Clinic’s office of diversity and inclusion, where I focus on cultural competency initiatives and pipeline programming. I am passionate about accessible health and wellness practices, and will complete my 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training with the Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga in December 2019.

Most importantly, and above all else: I believe the best is yet to come.


Let's ConnECt!