10 Totally Assessable and Affordable Self-Care Ideas for ANY Busy Mom

If you’ve been avoiding establishing a self -care or wellness routine out of fear of going bankrupt over it, keep reading.

I get it. We are moms with bills, and expenses and a real life. Every dollar we bring into our homes matters. And with the money drain that is childcare/daycare, you may only see your hard earned dollars for .003 seconds before they’re gone with the wind again.

But we know that we can’t afford to NOT take care of ourselves. 

The reality is that our ability to perform self-care varies according to the social determinants and general health conditions that surround us. We need to strengthen the commitment to self-care in our communities in a way that is inclusive and assessable for all. 

Fortunately, this isn’t that hard to do this day in age (thanks to modern technology). If you know you want to commit to taking better care of yourself and you are all about the self-care movement that is sweeping the country, know that there are so many options available to you outside of pricy spa packages.

I have a few ideas that are both assessable and affordable to help get you on your way:

1.    Get into yoga for free with YouTube! Outside of an internet connection and your phone, no equipment is needed to get started.
2.    Meditate before the kids wake up. 10-20 minutes are all that you need (there are SO many free, guided options on YouTube to help get you started).
3.    Have a dance party at home to get in your cardio in and let the stress out. 
4.    Go for a walk, and practice focusing on your breath while doing so. Just 6 deep, focused breaths can reduce blood pressure and literally calm your brain.
5.    Head to your local library or coffee shop and read leisurely in a comfy chair.
6.    Clear out your social media by removing or unfollowing content that doesn’t serve, inspire, or fill you in some way. Positive vibes only. 
7.    Create a vibrant and inspiring vision board. This may sound fluffy or childish, but it can be a fun and creative outlet. And yes, I realize you may need a few supplies like old magazines and scissors, but when you have a kid or two, I have to assume you can find some crafty items around the house!
8.    Phone a friend. Or any loved one for that matter. Reach out if your craving personal connection and just catch up. 
9.    Watch the sunrise.
10.    Listen to a podcast. The perfect podcast can inspire and fill you while allowing you to have alone time.

You got this:

Pick an idea from the list that is both a appealing and sustainable in your current lifestyle, and commit to incorporating it into your life today!

“I acknowledge my own self-worth, and I commit to nurturing it every day.”